About Nicola Young

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am thirty something bookworm/geek with a wonderful boyfriend Mark. We are have 2 amazing children, identical twin boys, Ethan and Theo. Who were born at 28 weeks gestation due to complications with our pregnancy. They are now both happy and healthy toddlers, Ethan has been recently diagnosed with having Diplegic CP but this doesn’t hold him back! They both have developmental delays but are perfect!

Mark and I own our own online business importing semi-precious gemstones and have an online retail shop. We also run The Competition Database which started as a hobby and is now growing daily! And are together writing a massively multiplayer online space game with our new venture Mul2ply Games!

My blog will be snippits into my mostly uneventful life, i love talking about day-trips we take and reviewing toys that the boys enjoy playing with! Of course there will be lots about the ups and downs of being parents of twins!

For the male perspective of our life Mark’s blog is: www.markhughes.net 🙂

Nicola x

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