Since my last post…..

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to go by at the moment. Mark and I have had another scan since my last post which showed our baby boys are still alive and kicking but our consultants are still thinking an early delivery is needed. They are hoping we will get to 28 weeks and anything beyond that is a bonus. It’s so scary to think that they could be here with us in as little as a few weeks. We are just hoping that they will both be strong enough to survive. We have a Babybond 4D scan tomorrow as we wanted some nice pictures (and hopefully a DVD) just in case one or both of our beautiful baby boys don’t make it.

We had a Jubilee Weekend special offer on the website which was a massive success, so much so that our few days at home were cut short to come back to pack orders. All orders were packed and shipped out but it was hard work 🙂 We didn’t get much of a chance to watch any of the coverage of the jubilee but it was so nice to be busy!

Today I got to choose some new lines for the site which I love doing, I’m like a child in a sweet shop! Now just to wait for them to arrive 🙂 I have made a wish list that goes on forever almost of products that I would like us to get, so with each restock order we are adding a few each time. Be sure to check the site reguarly to see what additions there are!

The other sad news we have had recently is that my Granny sadly passed away in the last few days, I wish that I had made more time in the last few years to spend more time with her. But there just never seem to be enough hours in a day.

My little sister (who in the next few days will be 21 so not as little any more) is coming to visit Mark and I in the shop on Sunday with her new boyfriend. They had planned to go sunbathing on the beach so I hope the torrential rain and gale force winds die down! But it will be lovely to have them here.

Nicola x


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Our Anniversary

Today is Mark and my two year anniversary. I am lucky enough to always have known that Mark was the man for me, he was my first boyfriend at school at the young age of 11ish.  Our younger relationship unfortunately ended when Mark thought he would rather go out with my best friend at the time – they lasted I think a day at most!!

But after 10 or so years apart his Facebook profile picture had the same amazing smile that I remembered from school and one message turned into hundreds. A week later we had an amzing first date, the kind you see in soppy films, I just knew that there was no-one else in the world for me!  Two years on and we are expecting twins and looking forward to the rest of our lives together.  For me my Prince Charming was, and is a reality!

Our next scan is tomorrow, and we are hoping that they will be able to tell us that our smaller twin is growing still.

And then we are looking forward to a weekend at home getting things ready for our arrivals later this year and of course watching the Jubilee coverage on the TV. Mark knows this is non-negotiable, as was watching coverage of the wedding last year from the moment it started!!

We are currently watching Married To The Moonies – wow there are sooooo many weddings!! We had planned to watch a film after dinner, but Mark finds that I am asleep within about the first 20 minutes so thought tv would be a better option. I know how most films begin but no idea how any of them end 🙂

Nicola x


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My first post!


As you may have read in the ‘about me page’ my partner Mark and I are expecting identical twin boys. We have had a few complications with the pregnancy so far but are very much looking forward to becoming parents! We have scans every other week at the moment our next scan is due on Friday this week. Although we obviously get excited about our scans, we find that while all of the other expectant parents are smiling away in the waiting room we are anxiously gripping one anothers hands until we find out that both of our little boys are ok.

Today was my first physio appointment for my back pain; I have been shown stretches to do to help ease the discomfort that Mummy’s growing teddy bears are causing and a giant sock-like tube that I have to clamber into each day now to support my growing bump. As if being the size of a whale didn’t make me feel sexy enough already!

The hot weather we have had recently although lovely to see the sun, is to much for me. My feet are huge, I’m sure that I saw the beginnings of stretch marks on them – I’m not sure if you can even get stretch marks on your feet!!

I am very much looking forward to the long weekend, watching the jubilee celebrations from the sofa snuggled up with Mark and our furry friends!

Nicola x

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