Which twin pram?

Ethan and Theo like nothing more (besides perhaps Peppa Pig) than going out in the buggy for a walk, rain or shine 🙂

We are currently on our 3rd twin pram, we have purchased all of them 2nd hand and including accessories such as rain covers, cozy toes etc have paid between £60 and £80. Each pram has had its pros and cons as with everything in life!

Our 1st prams is the Mclaren twin stroller!

2013-09-09 16.12.17


  1. Reclines nicely and easily for sleeping babies and toddlers.
  2. Lots of room under the pram in the basket, we used this mainly when the twins were younger and Theo was still on Oxygen and we used to fit our medium sized cylinder under the pram! There are also some great sized pockets behind each seat, these are velcro fastened so easily opened and closed.
  3. Simple to put up and collapse down, also folds down to quite a small size so easy to get in and out of the car boot!
  4. Although a twin buggy it is quite narrow so getting in and out of most doorways is done with ease!


  1. This pram has 12 wheels in total which can be tough to steer, I have mainly only noticed this when I have had to use this pram again after using one of the others!
  2. It is not great ‘off-road’; living in a rural area we go over fields etc now and then and it doesn’t cope brilliantly.
  3. I think as the boys have got bigger and are more toddler size they are a little squashed in this buggy.

Our 2nd buggy was the Jane power twin

2013-05-29 15.01.50


  1. Being a tandem buggy we are as narrow as most single buggy designs making more places accessible.
  2. Nice size storage basket under the pram.
  3. Being only 3 wheels it was all terrain!
  4. The buggy has a hand brake which was very useful (as well as a foot brake).
  5. It also reclined quite easily.
  6. You can set the front wheel to either be free spinning or locked in one direction.


  1. We found that Theo did not like being in the back of the buggy and always being in the front meant that he got the most attention. With Ethan being quite shy anyway we felt that this might exaggerate this further.
  2. No storage pockets.
  3. We found that occasionally the free spinning front wheel when mounting and dismounting pavements could be a little unstable.

Our 3rd and current buggy is the Out ‘n’ about 360

2013-09-26 15.15.13


  1. This is a side by side buggy.
  2. It is a 3 wheel all terrain buggy.
  3. Although a double buggy it is quite narrow still and fits through most doors.


  1. The seats are almost tub like rather than being flat – probably comfortable but we would prefer flat for posture!
  2. It only has 2 positions – sat up right or led flat.
  3. We have found this buggy the hardest of all 3 to get in and out of the boot.

In summary the Out ‘n’ About ticks the most boxes for us having the benefits of being a side by side but all terrain style. But I really like each of our buggies for different factors and I think the perfect buggy would be a hybrid of all 3!

All of the pros and cons listed for each buggy are only my own thoughts and experiences of using them and everyone’s needs in a buggy vary greatly. We for example did not want to use the Phil and Teds double style buggy where the rear passenger is lower down and we felt would not be able to see out easily. We even saw at a car boot sale one family didn’t bother with the concept of a buggy designed for two but had their other child in the storage basket under the pram! (I would not recommend this lol).

I hope you find my thoughts of interest, please feel free to comment your findings with buggies!

Nicola x

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