SmarTrikes And Twins!

I saw an advert for SmarTrikes when Ethan and Theo were still quite small and initially considered purchasing them for their 1st birthday (last July) but as the boys were so prem their development was quite delayed so decided to wait. I did however try and research online how other twin parents found having 2 children on SmarTrikes at once – and found little information….

We decided to get the boys their SmarTrikes for Christmas and I have to say they are great, they boys LOVE them! But as a twin mummy I don’t think I would be able to take them out on my own using them. They go in every direction when I try and control both at once! This could just be my inability to stear in a straight line but the fact that Daddy can’t very well either makes me think this is not the case!

One reason I loved the concept of the SmarTrike is that as the boys get older and more independant we can remove the parental controls (gradually!) and they then become trikes that they can race about on!

2014-01-19 14.23.34-2  Ethan left, Theo right!

So as long as we go out together on them it’s great! The perfect excuse for long family walks! 🙂

Nicola x

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