Baby Banz And Twins!

We thought that the boys needed eye protection from the sun and what is cooler than identical twin boys in sunglasses?! So we did our homework and determined that Baby Banz were the best around, we got the boys the Retro Black style which we thought looked awesome! Typically after making such a purchase we then didn’t see any sun for what felt like forever, but then there was a sunny day and we got to use them! In the photos for the sunglasses the children/toddlers and babies all look happy and content wearing their awesome glasses, in reality this is not the case, at least not for us anyhow…….. Our first attempt at getting them to wear them was horrific; they screamed and ripped them off and in hindsight, probably wrongly we put the glasses back in their cases and thought we would try again another day. This was a mistake as the next time we tried they had learnt that if they didn’t want to they didn’t have to, there were tantrums and crying all round! But after what felt like a life time they kept them on!! And how cool do they look?!

2014-03-09 14.53.51

We still have to persuade them to wear them (and they are pretty quick at whipping them off) but they are great and we would recommend them!

Nicola x

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