Ethan and Theo have always had lot’s of hair and we put off getting it cut for as long as possible, but after a few occasions of them being mistaken as being girls we thought enough was enough and booked them an appointment. This was of course after (briefly) contemplating having a go myself, but thinking ears could be difficult to reattach in the event of me getting distracted by the other twin and the scissors slipping, decided against it! We have now been to 2 hairdressers!

The 1st did a lovely job but it just felt unfriendly so we thought for our 2nd haircut we would try elsewhere and what a difference. The 2nd salon had a special chair for children with a horse head for them to play with – but the boys were more interested in bashing the shelf with an array of combs, brushes and anything else they cold reach! It felt much more tolerant of children!

Below pictures of during their haircut! Ethan left, Theo right 🙂 [Note: I actually got this the wrong way around at first … oops!!]

2014-02-28 10.32.102014-02-28 10.24.20

2014-02-28 10.37.42 2014-02-28 10.37.39

After their haircuts having a little sit down, relaxing together with a real page turner!  (Ethan right, Theo left)

All in all, the boys seemed to enjoy casing havoc and left with tidy haircuts!

I think if you have a less than happy experience try another salon! Both of the ones we have tried advertise that they are childrens hairdressers, but there is only one that I would use again!

Nicola x

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