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My last post seems like a lifetime ago! Mark and I were about to have our Babybond 4D scan, which was amazing! We got to see our little boys, Ethan and Theo, on screen and had a DVD made to keep forever 🙂 The day was not all smiles though; the sonographer was concerned with her findings of the blood flow through the smaller twins umbilical cord. She recommended we contacted the hospital and read to them her report. This was the beginning of the worst few weeks of my life 🙁 The hospital asked that we went in on the Monday morning for an extra scan, I had hoped that the sonographer had just over reacted but our consultant was not happy with what he saw. Mark and I were referred to another consultant in Bristol who specialises in complications with twins. We were given lots of options to consider; delivering the twins at 24 weeks, terminating our smaller twin (Theo) to protect the bigger twin (Ethan), terminating both twins or waiting a hoping we got to 28 weeks to deliver…….. We opted for waiting to 28 weeks. The following month felt like it went on forever, we had scans twice a week with our consultant to check everything was still ok. Then our scan at 27 weeks arrived and we were booked in for our c-section! Our twins would be delivered at 28+3, within no time at all the little scanning room was filled with people swabbing us for MRSA, waving consent forms around, arranging our steroid injections – it was all happening.

The day of our c-section, July 9th, quickly came around, we arrived at the hospital bright and early hoping that there would be enough space in the neonatal intensive care for us to have the babies there and not be sent to another hospital. A lovely midwife showed us to our room and got us ready for theatre, me in a very fetching gown and the anti DVT stockings and Mark in a set of scrubs and off we went to theatre.

I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to have a spinal block or that it wouldn’t work and I would have to have a GA meaning Mark wouldn’t be allowed to be there but within no time at all I was numb. A few minutes later our twins were delivered – Theo at 11.03 and Ethan at 11.05. We had been warned that due to their prematurity they would need to be ventilated straight away; but the most amazing thing happened – they cried! They were both handed over to the two teams of neonatal doctors and nurses that had been awaiting their arrival and were quickly whisked off to ITU with their Daddy!

I was stitched up and put in ‘recovery’ to regain sensation in my legs, waiting for news of my two beautiful babies. Had it not been for the nurse hovering I would have attempted to crawl to ITU to get a glimpse of them, soon enough their daddy came with photos and a hat that Theo had been wearing. Mark stayed with me then as the doctors were having to stabilise the twins and thought it best that he didn’t stay and watch tubes and lines going in to our precious babies. The rest of the day felt like it lasted a lifetime until we got the ok to go and see them. But that evening I was pushed through on my bed to meet my children for the first time. I looked a mess; half drugged from morphine, in an unflattering hospital gown and my hair stuck out at all angles. At the time I didn’t care, however there is photographic evidence of me in said state which will haunt me forever! Our little boys looked perfect, so tiny but so so perfect. I felt an overwhelming sense of contentment looking at the amazing babies that Mark and I for so long had worried we wouldn’t get the chance to meet.

And so our life as a neonatal mummy and daddy had begun 🙂

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