Back to ‘normal’!

After 100 days exactly in Royal Devon & Exeter Neonatal Unit our identical twin boys, Ethan and Theo, were discharged!

Our journey through the NNU has been a long and difficult one with many moments – especially in the early days – where we felt we had taken one step forward and about 10 back.  It is difficult to describe what life on the unit is like; everything is meticulously measured, monitored and recorded by teams of people with combined knowledge and experience of probably hundreds of years. For the first few weeks of their life we could just touch them through the ‘port holes’ of their incubators, making sure not to have them open too long and lose the humidity and temperature that protects their delicate immature skin. The alarms on the monitoring equipment which once haunted us, cutting through the otherwise quiet room like a knife, surprisingly quickly became the norm as we learned more about interpreting the readings. After 2 weeks we were able to start kangaroo care with Ethan most days which we found amazing. Poor Theo had a rockier start so it was nearly 6 weeks before we could have our first cuddle, but in both instances it was worth every second of the wait and we have since made up for lost time.

Now the boys have graduated NNU we are a proper family of 4. Our sleepless nights are now getting up to do night time feeds rather than worrying about if and when our beautiful babies would make it home.  We have been on a few outings with the boys and being identical twins they attract a lot of attention; there is no such thing as quickly popping to the shops anymore!

Theo still has an oxygen requirement so he has cylinders that we have him attached to both at home and when we are out and about. Hopefully it won’t be for long and then at long last we will be tube and wire free!

We are so pleased to be home with Ethan and Theo and look forward to the next chapter of our lives, but will always be eternally grateful to the team at the RD&E NNU as without them our gorgeous boys would not be here.

Nicola x

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  1. Debbie JJ says:

    Awww, that must be such a relief. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it was for you with the boys in NNU. So good to read that you are all home. x

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