A New Year!

Since my last post we have moved house and had Christmas in close succession!

We all had a wonderful Christmas with family, but I can’t wait until next year when Ethan and Theo are a little older and can rip the paper off of their presents!

Mark and I decided to have a ‘Festive’ promotion which was insanely busy but so much fun seeing the orders pouring in! This year we have so many plans for the business – my to do list just gets longer and longer! I have so many new products for the website to photograph and list which alongside choosing new products is one of the best parts of my job. (Of course the best part is being able to work from home with my gorgeous boys!) It is so exciting seeing people browsing and buying the new items. Lots of the recent new additions have been in the hypo-allergenic metal range which include the cutest animal charms! I just love the owl ones!

Theo just has 2 more palivizumab injections for this years RSV season and we meet our new consultant in a few weeks so will hopefully discuss coming off of the Oxygen! Since our time began in NNU we have read lots of blogs of other peoples experiences , one of the most amazing that I think I have read about recently was a baby called Kenna that was born at 24 weeks weighing just 272 grams! I thought Theo weighing 815 grams at birth was tiny!

We have a great childrens centre in our new town (according to everyone we have spoken to!) that offers courses in baby massage which we think looks really beneficial and enjoyable for all of us so when the snow disappears we are going to go and sign up.

I can’t wait to make some extra time each week to make jewellery again – seeing as I own the biggest bead box in the world hahaha I should make use of it! I am hoping to improve my wire wrapping skills and have a go with PMC! So watch this space for updates 🙂

Nicola x


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  1. Debbie JJ says:

    Hi Nicola, great to find your blog and will start reading! (I can’t find a button to subscribe but if you join Tots100 or BritMums you’ll find a really supportive network of parents of multiples- that and TAMBA has really helped us to survive!).

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