The Bath Festival Of Motoring As VIPS

The Bath Festival of Motoring’s sponsored charity this year was The Wizzy Bug! As Ethan is a current user of the fabulous Wizzy Bug we were kindly given VIP passes to go along. Bath is quite local to us and it sounded like a fun day out so we were more than happy to attend!

Ethan has had his Wizzy Bug since late January. He is still getting to grips with using it himself and is largely still reliant on Mark or I using the parental controls. Ethan loves anything that is button operated; we purchased a children’s 6V quad bike on eBay for both Ethan and Theo to use and were overjoyed that Ethan took to using it straight away – and given that it has no real back support he was surprisingly stable using it!

Designability (the creators of the Wizzy Bug) had arranged an obstacle course in their tent for children (both Wizzy users and non-users alike) which looked like great fun! Theo had a go on a Wizzy Bug and took to the controls straight away – he just wasn’t concerned by the fact that you are required to steer such pieces of equipment but still had a great time.

ethan & theo in wizzys

Ethan left, Theo right

As well as the Wizzy Bugs on display there were of course a great many classic cars and bikes which were beautiful to look at. And, tucked away in an adjoining field, was a display of remote controlled airplanes which the boys thought were amazing – especially the jet engine ones as they have a fabulously loud roar!

We very much enjoyed our day and the VIP lunch was a huge hit with the boys!

The details of the Wizzy Bug charity on the Bath Festival of Motoring website quote the cost of issuing each Wizzy Bug as being £4,250 which, although is a considerable amount, the difference it makes to children as young as 18 months is huge. The charity issue Wizzy Bugs to families through a loan scheme – a fantastic scheme which I fear is not widely known about.

Go team Wizzy!

Nicola x

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