A busy week!

Last week was manic, we had hospital appointments in Salisbury with our new consultant since moving house. He was pleased with the boys progress and has decided that Theo can have a months trial of oxygen at night only which is brilliant! He hates having the cannulas taped to his little face and already seems much happier! It means when we go out and about we still take a cylinder with us in case we need it but we don’t look like we belong on the set of Ghostbusters! Also we have the go ahead to start weaning both boys! We have stocked up on baby rice, Ella’s kitchen first tastes, rusks………. let the fun begin!

Our appointment at Exeter hospital was regarding Theo’s hernia, which they are planning on operating on in the next month – scary stuff, although the surgeon is happy to operate and feels that it is very safe.

Next week we are going to go to our local children’s centre and join some parent and baby groups which is quite exciting. So we are looking forward to meeting some other mummy’s, daddy’s and babies!

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