Theo’s big op……

The day that we had been dreading finally arrived. We had known for some time that Theo needed to have a hernia operation and although we were assured that it was a simple procedure we did not look forward to the prospect of one of our little babies being cut open 🙁

Although we are now under a team of pediatricians in Salisbury now since we have moved house they are unable to operate on Theo there so we were booked in at the Royal Devon and Exeter where they were born!

As Theo is still classed as having chronic lung disease where the op would normally be just day surgery the hospital preferred him to stay in overnight. With the boys being twins and us now living an hour and a half away we asked if it would be possible for us all to stay…. expecting of course that the response would be a no as their policy is one parent can stay. The hospital however said that this should not be a problem, much to our surprise 🙂

We arrived at the hospital and got Theo changed into his gown!

2013-05-17 12.13.26            2013-05-17 12.55.40

I took Theo through to the anesthetic room where he was quickly asleep and handed over to the experts. Meanwhile Ethan was making the most of the cot to himself! (below)

2013-05-17 12.55.18

After the op our brave little bear looking at some of his toys.

2013-05-17 15.43.20

Feeling a bit better so having some toast with his brother! Of course they acquired quite a fan club!

2013-05-17 17.24.32

Mark and I had expected to be sleeping in chairs beside Theo and Ethan’s cot for the night and were grateful for that as they were kind enough to let us all stay. However we were given the whole of the day case ward!

2013-05-18 10.21.08

The following day Theo seemed as if nothing has been done! Our brave little bear is amazing 🙂 The anesthetist who was looking after Theo during the surgery noticed what she referred to as Ectopic heart beats on her monitoring equipment which she would have expected to see in an elderly patient rather than a baby so we had an ECG done before being discharged and have been referred for some more extensive tests back at Salisbury so we will wait and see what they find…….

Nicola x

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